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B2B Level 3 Merchant Account


The Experts when it comes to Level 3 Processing


 At Revolution Payments, we do things differently, and have been for over 17 years. Our clients are some of the most educated consumers around. Why? Because we take the time to give them straight answers about everything they need to know, impeccable personalized customer service, clear and understandable monthly statements and knowledge about their fees, the latest technology, and the many ways to save money and run their businesses more efficiently without any long term agreements or worry.

If your business accepts Business, Purchasing, Corporate, Fleet or Government Cards setting up your business to accept these cards for payment is different than establishing a standard retail merchant account or MOTO merchant account

And why it’s encouraged to choose a B2B and experienced level 3 Merchant Service Provider.

Revolution payment systems helps merchants qualify for lower interchange by helping merchants manage interchange qualifications, quarterly statement reviews and implementing level II and III processing solutions.

Most businesses that accept commercial cards for payments are not qualifying for the best available rates. Regardless of your rate, your processor, when you had your rates reviewed processing for reduced interchange via level 3 requires managing interchange rates and qualification, using proper payment technology and ensuring your account is set up properly.

Select an experienced Level 3 Merchant Services Partner like Revolution Payment Systems and you could effectively see an 80% reduction in processing commercial cards.

Level 3 processing will help you reclassify transactions on an interchange level, regardless of the rate your paying on the front end.

Comparative Example*

Data Type Level-1 Level-2 Level-3
Merchant Name
Transaction Amount (Total)
Tax Amount  
Customer Code (30 Char)  
Merchant Postal Code  
Tax Identification  
Merchant Minority Code  
Merchant State Code  
Ship from Postal Code    
Destination Postal Code    
Invoice Number    
Order Number    
Item Product Code    
Item Commodity Code    
Item Description    
Item Quantity    
Item Unit of Measure    
Item Extended Amount    
Freight Amount    
Duty Amount    
(*)This table is provided only for illustrative purposes and should not be construed as a listing of all the possible fields
associated with each data level or that every processor will support all the possible data elements.